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Oil in the Transmission -BMW Z3-

HELP!! My son put about 2 ounces of synthetic oil in the transmission fluid of a friend’s BMW (2002) Z3 2.5 liter. Can you help us on how to cope w/ this. We have not turned on the car. The plan for now is to drain all transmission fluid at the bottom and replace the fluid. But is there anything else we need to do?!?! Like ‘Flush it all out’ w/ something designed just for that! or something!!! According to a local mechanic that works on BMW, is ok! just drain it and replace the transmission fluid. Right now we’re trying to find out what kind of transmission fluid to buy, we went to an auto parts place, and somehow we were given the wrong fluid. But found out that NAPA has what we need. - clear

It’s an automatic?

Since you haven’t started it, just drain and refill. If you start it, then the oil will get up into the valve body and torque converter, then you will need to have a fluid exchange done on a machine made for that purpose.

What kind of synthetic oil? Engine oil? Transmission fluid? It’s very unllikely that 2 oz. (if that’s all it was) would harm anything, I would think. More details, please.

If the amount involved is really 2 ounces, it won’t make any difference…Drive on and forget it ever happened…If it’s really 6 ounces or more, drain the tranny WITHOUT starting the engine…

Not a problem. Wont hurt it.