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Oil in radiator

Have Acura v-6 that is overheating and causing to appear in the radiator overflow. What is possible causes?



Please Give A Year, Mileage, And Engine Size

This can be as serious as a bad cylinder head gasket or damaged head. Transmission oil (fluid) can also get in there through a fault in the trans cooler portion of the radiator and the overheating could be coincidental. We don’t know yet.

Are you getting an indication of high coolant temperature on the dash or problems such as no heat from the heater? Is the check engine light on or flashing? Is The transmission fluid level “full”?

I wouldn’t drive it any more until it is diagnosed. Additional damage could result

Oil in the radiator is usually from a leaking automatic transmission cooler (built into the radiator). Overheating can be caused by several things.

More information about your car and its problem would be helpful.

If it’s a leaking transmission cooler, the stuff in your radiator will be pink, unless of course the tranny fluid is past its prime. Is your tranny low? Is your oil low. If it’s oil, then suspect a leaky head gasket.

The over heating tells me you don’t have a transmission cooler issue too.