Oil in my radiator


I have a 2003 chevrolet impala (90000 miles) that has been using oil, the fan motor had to be replaced and it’s been running hot. Do I have a blown head gasket or is there anyway of telling without taking it to the shop?


No…it’s I’ll pretty much gurantee you it’s the intake manifold. GM’s has had problems with that for YEARS. Get it fixed ASAP…If not expect a major engine rebuild.


I’m going to retract what I said…I read it wrong…If you had antifreeze in your oil then it’s the intake manifold…But oil in the antifreeze…could be head gasket…

Have you taken it to a mechanic yet.


I took it a month ago and had a new fan put on, but it’s still running hot. I’m taking it this week to have the radiator flushed out. I was told it could have a hole in the radiator. I also have noticed that sometimes it doesn’t seem to have as much power when I take off. Thanks for any help in the matter.


There is a transmission fluid cooler in one end of your radiator. It is not particularly common for that cooler to leak fluid into the radiator, but it happens. That is one way for it to happen. The other is the aforemantioned head gasket.