Oil in my air filter casing

I have a 2005 PT Cruiser Tubo and found 1/8" of oil in air filer casing. I replaced and cleaned out area and I am still finding more oil in casing. At 5,500 miles I noticed pinging or tapping noise in my 2005 PT Cruiser and the dealer found excess scoring on camshaft and rocker assemblies. The service repair states that the R/I calve cover, Recover Evac and recharge A/C relace bot camshafts, tappets and rockers, changed oil and filter.

My questions is finding oil in my air filer casing related to the repair work or is there another unrelated problem and should I be concerned. I would respect your opinion

It may be related to the scoring you mention on the camshaft, etc. Scoring usually means lack of oil or failure to change it on a regular basis.
Not only could it score the camshafts, etc. it can also score cylinder walls and rings.
What happened at 5500 miles to cause this? Run it out of or very low on oil?

I would inspect/replace the PCV valve and pray that is what is causing the problem. PCVs are cheap and easy; piston rings and cylinder walls are not.