Oil in all 4 cylinders

blows smoke when cold --after it warmed it was alot less – removed plugs when hot and oil was in all 4 cylinders -not as much oil in cyliders when cold -had replaced valvestems(maybe i didnt push em down hard enough?]- replaced head gasketand 2 bad lifters as needed-car test runs strong - just the smoke issue -any help would be great -1.8l dohc ford escort gt 1992

What is the compression on the cylinders dry and wet (oiled)? Has a leakdown test been done on the cylinders? If done, what are the numbers? How many miles on this engine?

couldnt do a leakdown test --all the cylinders are firing exactly the same as there was plenty of power and the new plugs all looked dry and exactly the same with just a little grey ash color -are the valve stem seals in a 1.8 ltr different sizes?-just read in mazda forum on this motor that they were 2 different sizes -they came in a bunch in 1 bag-motor has over 104k miles

You need to perform a compression test as a start because valve seals will not cause this oily cylinder condition.

Just some FYI, but your logic is incorrect about the inability to perform a leakdown test, valve lifters should always be replaced in full sets, and maybe the valve seal difference is due to engine application.

There’s some contradiction here. If there is oil in all 4 cylinders the plugs can’t be dry and grey. Is the oil in the well around the spark plug? If so, that’s a leaky valve cover gasket issue.

How many miles on this classic? Has the engine been “rebuilt”?