Oil gauge Flickering

2002 Chevy camaro. Ever since ive had it, the oil gauge flickers randomly, now ive done all the oil changes every 3 months. https://youtu.be/IXDhljLI_Nw
Ive provided links to the videos that i uploaded to youtube. I visited one mechanic who said it might be the oil switch? Ima visit another but id like your guys opinions. Car has 129,400 miles

If the needle on the gauge fluctuates, it’s probably the oil pressure sensor.



Ask your shop to measure the oil pressure with their gauge. they’ll unscrew the sender and install their known good gauge. If it reads ok that way, then you know the problem is the sender or, less likely, your dashboard gauge. If the shop gauge shows the same problem, then there’s an actual oil pressure problem you’re going to have to deal with. Hope for you wallet’s sake it isn’t the latter.

If other gauges on the dash are flickering and jumping, that might be the display console’s voltage regulator.