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Oil Filter Question

My Sienna has 111k and I am about to perform an oil change using 5 quarts Valvoline sae 5w30 full synthetic oil.I have a Purolator L10241 filter and would like to ask if this filter is appropriate for a longer(8 to 10k) oil change interval?

Filter are all pretty similar. The filter is not the defining part of the extended oil change, the oil is. Using high quality synthetic oil is more important.

But, if you are switching to synthetic to get the extended change interval at 111k miles, check the oil very frequently after the change. You may find the car goes through a quart way faster than before. It likely will also get very dirty, very quickly. If that happens change it at 1500 miles, the at 3000 miles and then go to your 8 to 10k miles.

Personally, I don’t think you should go 8 to 10k miles between oil changes so the oil filter is irrelevant.
There is far more to oil change regimens that miles only.


The filter is OK. The fact is that today’s engines are well sealed and most of the contaminants are from the oil breaking down. As the oil breaks down, most of the particulates it forms are too small to be captured by the filter anyway, at least initially. They are also too small and soft initially to do any harm. Towards the end of the oil life, the particulates grow and get harder and that is when the filter is really doing its job.

I will agree with the others here and say 8-10k is too long. I would not go past 7500 miles between oil changes. After that, more wear and damage can be done in a few hundred miles that all of the first 7500 miles.

Your Sienna, from your other posts, is a 2004. Toyota clearly called for 5K oil and filter changes for those years.

It wasn’t until the 2010 timeframe that Toyota began increasing the oil pan capacity from 4.5 qts to 7.5 qts to handle longer oil change intervals.

I’m all in favor of 10K oil changes when the manufacturer calls for it. In this case, they clearly do not.