Oil Filter comes off car

What would cause my oil filter to come off my car. My last oil change was one month ago.

If it was done at a Jiffy Lube, they never tightened it. Or wrong filter, old gasket stuck on the housing, etc. but most likely not tightened resulting in loss of oil and catastropic engine failure. You’re lucky. I’d put a new OEM one on and then check very often for a while to make sure it stays put.

It’s either the wrong filter or whoever installed it didn’t tighten it correctly.

Most likely b.

Was this a one-time thing or are you saying it comes of on a regular basis?

What? Now That You’ve Received Some Ideas, I’m Really Curious. What Happened That Caused You To Check And Find That The Filter Was Missing Or Did You Find The Filter First?

A car with even a loose filter would be hemmoraging engine oil for quite a while before shedding the filter. I just don’t know how this is possible.

Did the Check Engine Light, oil pressure or low oil level light illuminate? Did the car start making noise or quit running? How was it that you decided to check your car for an oil filter? Hopefully it was the low oil light that many Impalas have.

What model year is this Impala and which engine is in it, 3.4, 3.8 ?


It could be the wrong filter was used or it wasn’t tightened properly, but there are some other unlikely causes. Someone could have stolen the filter to sabotage or vandalize your car. A piece of road debris could have damaged it or caused it to come loose. These are long shot ideas, but anything is possible. I suppose it is possible you have a bad PCV valve and pressure could push it off. Most mechanics hand tighten oil filters without a wrench, which is usually adequate, but if you had a build-up of pressure, it might force it off even though it was properly torqued. Of course, like some of my other ideas, this one is highly improbable.

Other than not tight.
Check the threaded pipe engine to oil filter.
Pipe not tight or threads damaged may be the problem.