Oil filter falling off



The dealer ship where I bought my 2004 Rav 4 just gave me the diagnosis that the oil filter is falling off and i might need a new engine. They also claim that this could only be caused by human error. The garage where I usually take my car says its not their fault. I last had my oil changed in August, and this happened yesterday. Does anyone know who to believe? The dealership says it is human error, and my garage has insurance that will cover this.


If the filter fell off then it’s the fault of whoever installed it, pure and simple. The only other alternative would be if there is someone who does not like you and wanted to get a bit of revenge by sabotaging your engine. (Not likely here, just pointing it out.)

They either did not tighten it enough, overtightened it and stripped the threads, or if the garage/quick lube/whatever used a bootleg oil filter that had poorly cut threads and/or used dubious material in the manufacture. These bootleg filters are generally sold through fast lube joints and are usually in white or yellow boxes with no markings other than an ID number on them.

If it’s a name brand filter (Toyota, Fram, Wix, Purolater, or whatever) then it falls back on the person who handled it last. You may have a battle brewing here. Good luck.


They don’t come off if they are tightened. The last oil change place is the most likely culprit. Or the most likely “person of interest” works there.


How long did you drive with the red “OIL” light on??