Oil filter chaneg

So would I benefit from a filter change every 3000 miles and oil change at 6000? Would it make any difference? Rocketman

I think the benefit might be that your engine lasts 275,000 miles instead of 250,000. Change the oil and filter on schedule, use quality parts, and keep it full. That’s all you need.

Well, filters generally filter better as they load up, so unless the filter’s so gunked up that it’s going into bypass, it might be counter-productive.

My attitude is…oil and filters are cheap enough that if I replace one, I’ll replace both and be done with it!

I don’t think there would be any benefit at all. Modern engines run so clean that the filter just doesn’t have as much to do as it used to. Modern oil doesn’t breakdown as fast either. Just follow the schedule and you will do fine.

Almost all oil filters are good fro 6000 miles, unless you operate in an extremely dusty environment. Then your oil changes should be more frequent as well.

Change the filter when you change the oil.

I agree with virtually all the above.

I too agree with the others. Change the oil and filter together on schedule.

I agree we used to change filters every other oil change so changing at every oil change seems to be all that is necessary.

Thanks folks! Rocketman