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Is my father-in-law right?

My 2013 T&C takes synthetic oil. My father in-law told me I can change the filter every 5000 miles and do a complete oil change every year. He said changing the filter will drain about 1 quart, which I’d replace when I installed the new filter. Is he correct? Thanks

Well , if he wants to do that to his vehicle fine. But look in your manual and it will list the service schedule that the people who built the vehicle recommend. That is what I would go by and also see if you are in the severe service range.

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I wouldn’t do it.

#1 - Oil breaks down over use. By just adding oil after you replace the filter you’re leaving most of the bad oil in there.

#2 - About 1 Quart? Depends on the engine. My Highlander - Maybe a pint is drained out when I change the filter.

#3 - Might be valid for people who only drive 10k miles a year…but using that same advice for people like me who travel at least 20k miles annually. I use to drive 40k miles annually.

That is very bad advice. Find another Father-In-Law.:grinning:


This is my position too.

I’d like to see a collection of ‘My father-in-law/brother-in-law/etc.’ questionable advice stories.


No, at most I would consider changing the oil every 5k miles and the filter every other oil change. The oil is what breaks down, not the filter so much. Draining the oil is the easy part, charging the filter is usually the messy difficult part. However, I change the oil and filter every 5k on my 2013 Equinox because the filter is easy to get too.

Don’t forget to check the oil level between changes.

Ed B.

That is an “old dad’s tale”

Don’t do it!

Your FIL is wrong. He seems to be assuming that an oil filter will trap all debris and it does not.

Yeah I would just smile and ignore him. We used to do just the opposite and changed filters every other oil change but now everyone just changes the filter each time. Why you’d run new oil through an old filter or old oil through a new filter doesn’t make much sense for $5-10 for an OEM filter.

Yes, more Penny-wise and Pound Foolish advice! The owner’s manual spells out the best oil drain interval.

Oil is 25% additives, which get used up and need to be replaced…

Many years ago the Franz Oil Filter, which used toilet paper as the filter element, made the same claim. In that case changing the filer every 1000 miles resulted in an equivalent oil change interval of about 5000 miles.

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Back when I used to pump gas in high school, we had a customer who would keep his cars for about 75K miles. He only added oil, never would change it, and he changed the filter periodically.
His oil dipstick was always filled with sludge. He didn’t care, since his routine worked fine for him.

As for your 2013 T&C, the right thing to do is to follow your owner’s manual.

Though if you wanted to consider your FIL’s advice, how long do you plan on keeping the vehicle?

As a father in-law in good standing, I’m withdrawing your FIL’s membership card. That’s very bad advice. Change your oil according to Chrysler’s recommendations in the owner’s manual, and replaced the oil filter each time. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, you can find it on line or we can provide a link so that you can download it.


I wonder… If someone was in pain…
Would he tell them that placing a knife underneath their bed cuts their pain in half?

Hint: Don’t accept any automotive or medical advice from him.


My firs two Plymouths called for a filter change every second oil change. Our John Deere 325 calls for an oil change every 100 hours and a filter change every 200.

Wow, thanks everyone. I really believed my FIL. Yes, he does this to his Subaru Outback. But I definitely won’t do it.

If the 13 is set up like my 05 Town & Country was, the filter is easy to get to. no need to go every other

I have two pieces of advice for you. One has been given many times, follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. The second is don’t buy any used vehicles from your father-in-law.


And to the father in law, smile and say thank you!

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When following your vehicle’s maintenance computer how often does your vehicle alert you that an oil change is necessary? Annual oil changes are not unheard of. Changing the oil filter between oil changes is unnecessary.

Slightly different perspective…

It costs maybe $30-40 to do a regular oil change. If you do that twice a year, keep the car 10 years, that’s $800.

On the low end, I suspect a new engine would cost at least a couple of thousand dollars.

So tell me again: why would you not just change the oil properly, every time? :man_shrugging:t2: