Oil filter 101

has anyone had a bad experience with a Purolator pure-one oil filter from advance auto parts. they claim it the top of the line.

Nope no bad experiences. Search ‘oil filter’ in this forum and you will see a lot of discussions on oil filters. This has been hashed about quite a bit.

No experience with that particular brand, but what I understand from what others say, one important parameter of oil filter quality is the material the anti-drain plug is made of. I believe the preferred choice is silicone rubber. Do you know what Purolator uses?

Let Me Venture A Guess. You’re Stage Name Is “Dripper” And You
’re Asking If Anyone Has A Bad Experience With A Particular Oil Filter. Am I Out Of Line To Suspect That You Have Experienced One ?

Let’s start this thing. Were you certain to make sure that the old filter’s seal came off with the filter and didn’t adhere to the flange/engine block ?


I have used Purolator and have suffered no failures with this brand. Are you sure it was installed correctly?

Some Cars/Trucks And Some Engines Have Idiosyncrasies Or Peculiarities, Not Usually Involving Filters, But How About Introducing Your Vehicle?


There are many posts claiming failures of Pure One filters at Bobistheoilguy.
Photos of media tears.

I’ve used the basic Purolator filters for some time on a number of vehicles and have had no issues. The only time I used a Pure One was when they were out of the basic filters and I really needed to do that oil change. No issues then but that is a data point of one so it is not valid.

Pure One filter seems to be well built according to this guy who disscted many different filters and posted his results:

I see that there are reports on the 'net of some Purolator filters having torn media. The only way that would be found is by cutting open a filter. But having a little unfiltered oil circulating in your engine is not going to kill it. I doubt anyone has had an engine failure because of a tear in the filter media.

I just use the OEM filters and don’t worry about the claims of other manufacturers. Would you ever expect a manufacturer to say that their filter is a piece of junk? Of course not.

I use the budget filters from Walmart. Before Walmart, I just used Fram or something of similar price. Never had a problem, and never wore an engine out.

Walmart’s budget filter is now Purolator. I have used it on my Camry for the last 80+K miles without any issues.

If you own a car that uses the cartridge style, than you actually get to see the filter element. They are usually pretty ugly when they come out. A typical metal canister style might be dirty on the outside but you have no clue if it is good /bad.