Oil drain bolt striped out

I have a 95 GMC Yukon GT i was out to do the oil change and when i went to go take off the drain bolt it keeps spinning freely and no way to get it out. HELP!!!

I erased my original response because I realized after reading tester’s response that I wasn’t answering the actual question.

Sorry about that.

What’s probably happened is the weld nut inside the oil pan has broken it’s weld and now the weld nut is spinning with the drain plug. The easiest way to fix this is drill a hole thru the oil pan and weld nut. Insert a drift pin thru the hole and remove the drain plug and drain the oil. Reinstall the drain plug and fill the oil pan with a solvent. Remove the drain plug again to drain the solvent. Then with a brake cleaner clean the drain plug and reinstall it and tighten it. Remove the drift pin from the hole and spray the hole with brake cleaner. Allow everything to dry and with a welder weld the weld nut to the oil pan thru the hole that was drilled.