Oil did not drain from 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid

100k miles. Today was the third oil change since we bought this car at 85k miles.
As before, I loosened the oil fill cap so air could enter, then I unscrewed the plug in the oil filter housing, and snapped in the plastic drain spigot that comes with the oil filter. Oil began to pour out as usual so I left for a half hour.
When I returned it had stopped draining, so I snapped out the plastic spigot, replaced the filter, put everything back and added 4.7 quarts of 0W20 oil and started the car.
No leaks, so I shut off the car and pulled out the drain pan. WHAT THE HECK?? It had less than a quart of oil in it. Pulled dipstick, and, as expected, the car is WAY overfilled with oil.
Before I repeat the whole process, has anyone seen this happen before? What should I do differently?
My only thought is that perhaps the plastic drain spigot did not snap all the way in, but it felt normal snapping in and snapping out.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Reading through your post it appears you forgot to remove the drain plug and drain the oil pan.


Sometimes I scare myself.
I clearly remembered previously using the little plastic drain spigot and I was thinking that in this system the filter must be the lowest point in the system.
After reading your response, I went out and slid under the car and stared at the drain plug on the pan (which is clearly lower than the filter) and I honestly have no recollection of removing that plug before. Clearly I did, because I ended up with over a gallon of waste oil each time and the oil level was correct afterward.
Thank you!

You are not the only one to drain only the filter;

Right, the plug at the bottom of the oil filter only drains the oil that’s in that filter. It doesn’t drain the oil pan. My guess is the drain plug is a 14mm head bolt.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I never mess around with the oil filter drain. Takes too much time. Just undo the housing, throw in the new filter and o-ring, and spray off the residue.


I do the same as @asemaster, I find the filter drain to be clumsy and of little benefit.

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