Oil consumption only after 1800 miles

Maybe an ubuntu thing, no dropdown list or ability to input Chevrolet 2003 trailblazer. I can go 1800 miles and not use any oil, then oil level starts to drop until 2800 miles I have to ad a quart. Oil life monitor senses something as occasionally change oil soon comes up sometimes on start for the last month. Getting the oil changed tomorrow at 2900 miles. The oil looks a bit dirty, but not too bad. A few miles towing a 2500lb boat, road trips and in town trips. It did the same things a couple of years ago. 197k miles, only code po440, small evap leak for a year and a half or so, which I am putting off until June for emissions check and renewal, and if the car dies before then no money wasted. All maintenance is up to date plus extras. The only thing I have noticed is a drop of 2 mpg 10 years ago when I got new bridgestone tires, switched back to Michelin 2 years ago no change in mileage. 14 to 16 city and 22 Highway. Used to be 18 and 24. Did have a leaking fuel regulator replaced a few years back, no real issus just having my bud look into possibilities for gpm loss.

You can’t assume the dipstick is linear in its reading. That may account for this.

Kind of like the gas gauge stays on full for 50 miles but gets to the last 1/4 tank and you can watch it go down as you drive?

Bullseye! The top of the oil sump is bigger than the bottom.

Plus, the towing will burn more oil. Maybe the towing coincidentally coincides with the more rapid oil loss. Towing (and short trips vs extended highway) should trip the mileage minder sooner also.

make sure the Trailblazer is on completely level ground when checking. I know on mine if its on any incline at all you will get off readings . That dipstick is also kind of hard to read . That I6 will usually last at least 250000 miles if you take care of it .

If it was mine. I would just change the oil when it gets to a quart low unless the oil consumption gets worse.

If your Trailblazer only uses a quart of oil in 2800 miles, you don’t have anything to worry about. Dropping 2 mpg also shouldn’t be s concern. If the Blazer is running well with no check engine light, enjoy the ride.

I have a battery-operated clock that is too fast for the first 24 hours after setting it, then it slows down to the correct speed. I must say it’s difficult to set … lol …

Got that down, It goes down in level slowly until I need to add a quart.

Thanks for the response, I was thinking maybe the oil gets dirty fast and that was why 1800 miles no use then dropping question and change oil soon light at 2700 miles comes on. The nonlinear response by @Mustangman sounds good. And yes I checked the oil and it was clean after the last change. The change oil soon comes up sometimes, but not always, and goes out after 30 seconds.

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Maybe the oil is shearing to a lower viscosity.
I’d try a different brand.

I agree with Mustangman. When I had the oil consumption problem with my 2013 Equinox the oil level would barely drop the first 2000-2500 miles after an oil change. After that the level would drop noticeably between the oil level checks every 500 miles thereafter.