03 trailblazer, 5w30 oil, 1 ticking lifer at cold start, 12 degrees or so. Miracle oil?

What is your experience and recommendation? Oil change done 2 weeks ago. New air and gas filter in the mean time.

I’ve had good luck with Rislone in the past. But I haven’t needed to use it in years.

Thanks for that @ MikeInNH. Do you typically drain oil relative to additive?

Substitute 1 quart of rislone for 1 quart of motor oil

I like CD2 oil detergent for cleaning out. Use a 1000 miles or so before oil change. However, it may not help your situation if the engine is high mileage. If the ticking goes away in a minute or two, don’t worry. You can shorten it by using Mobil-1 0W30 oil. I find that this helps a lot on my old Chevy Tahoe. I only use that in the winter.

Ticking goes away once warmed up, 150k, Thinking an additive or a new oil change with catstrol high mileage or whatever the consensus bears. thanks @melott and @db4960

If you’re dealing with 12F temps, I’d be using full synthetic. Are you?

No I do not use Full synthetic @texases Never felt the need to, as regular has always served me fine, but it may be now is the time to look at the option.

Exactly what db4690 said.

Drain…then replace one quart of oil with Rislone. It actually says that on the bottle.

Purchase a bottle of Seafoam engine treatment and pour it into the oil.

If there’s a lifter stuck the stoddard solvent in the Seafoam will free it up. If the lifter keeps making noise then it’s a mechanical problem.


Yes, but the mechanical problem is part of normal aging, like an arthritic joint. If the ticking goes away on warming, it is not a serious problem. It is often due to oil starvation in cold weather. The lifter will get pumped up again faster if you use full synthetic 0w30.

Self Healing almost, I had some sea foam and decided to add it to the tank as gas mileage seemed poor, it was because of the cold I imagine, had a couple hours of freeway driving, then ater a low of 2 below no more noise!