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Oil consumption on an '02 Nissan Murano

Hi, I’m asking about my mom’s 2002 Murano. I was recently made aware that it’s consuming ~1qt/1500mi oil. However, it isn’t triggering a code, or smelly, or even producing a modest amt. blue smoke on start-up, which my old '85 Camry used to do when only burning 1qt/2000 mi.

I’m wondering where the oil’s going–what (other than worn rings) would cause such consumption w/o triggering a code? I guess the next step would be to pull the plugs, which I’m sure will be FUN on a transverse-6 :frowning:

The consumption of 1 qt. of oil every 1,500 miles would be considered to be within normal limits even on a new car. And, this is not something that would trigger a trouble code.

While I am not saying that this rate of oil consumption is desirable, it is most definitely not excessive on a 6-7 year old vehicle. And, trust me–many owners of almost-new late-model Audis would be envious of your rate of oil consumption.

This sounds excessive to me. My car is 20 years old and after 5000 miles the oil remains at the full mark on the dipstick. A little oil burning i’d consider acceptable, but a full quart after 1500 miles doesn’t seem right to me.

I would be annoyed also, since my car burns no oil at ~89,000 on the odometer. However, if you were to complain to a car dealer that your NEW car was burning 1 qt. of oil every 1,500 miles, you would be shown charts illustrating that this rate of oil consumption is considered to be within normal limits for a NEW car.

Wow. Looks like i’m going to hang onto my car (194,000 miles) for as long as I can. Is this for all car companies or just specific makes?

I have friends who have gotten this “treatment” from dealers ranging from GM to Toyota, to Isuzu, to Nissan. I believe that similar information would be forthcoming from dealers for virtually any make of car.

Some engines burn a quart every 1000 miles and some don’t burn any at all. That does not mean the one with zero oil consumption is “better” than the one with a higher burn rate. There is nothing “wrong” with an engine that burns a quart every 1000 miles and you are NEVER going to get a new engine for that reason, so why even worry about it?? Car engines are mass-produced machines that have variations between them. A quart every 1500 miles is NOTHING, drive on…