Oil consumption (Ford Freestyle)

My stepmother has a 2006 Ford Freestyle AWD with a 3.0L Volvo engine. It seems to be consuming a great deal of oil. (Definately not leaking it.) But not on a regular basis… Within a couple weeks of changing the oil this time, it has consumed nearly 2 quarts! Other times it hardly uses any. This has been going on for a couple years now. She has taken it to the dealership numerous times and they cannot seem to find the issue. It doesn’t have a “burnt” smell when I pull the dipstick either. The mileage is low as she hardly drives the car. (Under 80,000 miles) I’ve looked online and can’t seem to find this problem elsewhere. Can anyone help? Thank you!

I didn’t know that the Ford Freestyle 3.0 liter engine was made by Volvo. I wonder if either the oil is not being filled completely after the oil change, the viscosity of the oil is wrong, or the oil is being checked improperly. At the next oil change, check the oil the next morning before starting the engine. Repeat the oil check the same way the next week.

You migh try replacing the PCV valve, which is inexpensive. If stuck open it can cause excessive oil consumption:


Don’t just stop with the valve. Service the entire PCV system from end to end. Replace soft hoses and clean plugged hose connections…See if there is any sign of oil collecting in the air-filter box or air intake tube…