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Oil consumption 2007 Toyota Camry


What model year is your son’s Camry?

That shop you mentioned probably felt the lady would eventually buy another Chevy and keep coming in for all her car’s requirements.

His Camry is a 95.

@ok4450 I believe your son’s Camry has the 5S-FE engine. That is a much simpler engine. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Those are pretty tough, from what I understand
Was that one of the engines from the sludge lawsuit of a few years ago?

Try a different brand of oil. Some oils seem to “agree” better than others with certain engines. Your engine might use less oil on a full-synthetic as well. I’ve been using Amsoil lately. It’s pretty cheap for a synthetic and my car uses no oil with it in the crankcase when it used to use a quart between changes with Mobil-1, and about half a quart with Valvoline Synpower. All 3 are excellent oils though.

I can’t speak for all Toyota engines…but I know that ones we own…they don’t burn even a pint after 5k miles. I haven’t owned a vehicle (American or Foreign manufacturer) that burned that much oil since my 73 Vega. 1 Quart every 1k miles on a Vega with over 60k miles was considered GOOD.

@db4690 it’s a 2006 Matirx with the 1zzfe & 32k miles.
it’s more like 1/2qt per 5000 miles.

@circuitsmith that is very acceptable oil consumption