Oil Change

Recently I had my oil changed (do it every 3500 miles) . Normally I do not drive many miles per day, but about 5 days after the change I noticed my valves making a noise… I thought it was a stuck lifter…put in some mystery oil…all was fine until I again noticed the clacking lifter after driving 15-20 miles highway…I then checked my receipt from the oil change and it showed they installed .5w30 not the 10w30or even 5w30 weight oil recommended. I took my jeep to another place and had the oil changed again with 10w30 oil and all is fine now…my question is… I drove with the .5w30 oil for about 6 weeks and 800 miles… did this potentially damage my engine?

No such thing as “.5W30”, probably “5W30” with a typo. Nothing to worry about. What year? How many miles? What is the recommended oil?

If you heard the valves making noise, there was probably a miniscule amount of accelerated wear, but I seriously doubt of there was anything serious. You didn’t dive it ling enough to have made any real difference. As a matter of fact, I’m going to guess that the noise was only on startup…please correct me if I’m wrong.

Um, what year Jeep is it anyway, and what engine, and how many miles does it have?

Where did you get your oil changed? If it was a quickie oil change place then there is no guarantee that the 5W30 oil they listed is anywhere near a 5W30 oil. Stay away from quickie lube places if you use them. A sample would have to be sent to a lab before the correct oil weight could ever be determined.

A 5w30 and a 10w30 will behave the same once the engine is warmed up. I agree with @missileman, and think they used whatever bulk oil they had on hand, not necessarily the oil type they put on the receipt.

Thanks for all your feedback…BTW it is a 2002 w/ 4.0 6 cyl with 143.000 and the noise occurred after the engine and oil warmed up…since I changed to the new oil I ran it 50 miles on the highway and no noise…

Oh… I had it changed at a national brand tire store where I bought my tires…they have done other work very well like brakes, shocks, tune up ect…

Did they use a major brand oil filter, or is it one of those plain white low budget Chinese jobs?

Did they use a major brand oil filter, or is it one of those plain white low budget Chinese jobs

I’ve NEVER seen a low budget Chinese oil filter. Not even at Wallmart or K-Mart.

Been to the Flea Market on rt28 in Derry Mike?
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No…Been to the one in Salem…and the one in Amherst (that’s a big one).

Two oil changes are better that one for a 4.0L Jeep with dirty lifters.

The Derry one is the one that kept getting raided last year and the year before for selling knockoff merchandise. I don’t seriously recommend going, but I’m betting they’d have junk filters.

Salem’s my favorite. I stock up on printed T’s there every spring.


Some months ago, I did a big tune up on a relatives 2004 Grand Cherokee 4.0 . . . same engine as yours.

The owner’s manual clearly states the engine gets 10w30. Yet the Napa parts guy insisted I was mistaken. I said, “Whatever, man. Just give me 10w30 and the oil filter.”

Some of these shops and parts stores mistakenly assume all late model cars get 5w30

You may not see the cheap white or light blue oil filters for sale at the stores you named, but believe me the quick change places know where to get them. My 2012 Camry requires 0W20 full synthetic and a new chain muffler shop in our area advertised a $36.99 full synthetic oil change.

I stopped and asked them what brand of oil they used and they replied, we have it made for us at a local lubricant company. I guess I will still be crawling under it myself.