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Incorrect oil?

I recently purchased a Jetta TDi. It was brand new and I just got over 1000 miles. I had read that getting an oil change after the first 100 miles can help to extend the life of the engine. So I called the dealership to try and get an Oil change, they were booked up for a few days. So I called a Jiffy lube and provided my car information and they said they could take care of it. I went in and they changed the oil. On the bill I noticed that they had used a Euro blend 5W-40. This didn’t sound like what was listed in the manual. But I know that VW had had their own oil spec listed. I asked the cashier and the manager and they both said that they had used this oil in the past on my car and it’s what VW had recommended.

I took the car home. And while I haven’t noticed any problems yet, though I have only driven it home. I did some research, it appears that that the oil used was not the correct type/weight for the car. Apparently they needed a different version a Pennzoil Platinum VX SAE 5W-30, rather than the Euro 5W-40.

So here comes my question. I am going to call the dealership on Monday when the service department is open. But I am looking at any problems from having the wrong oil in, for 50-60 miles of driving and a few days to a week of being in the engine? While Jiffy lube has agreed to return my money for the oil change do I need to worry about more?

5W-30 and 5W-40 are almost identical. Are there any other differences between the Euro blend 5W-40 and the Pennzoil Platinum VX? If not, I’d just let it go until you need an oil change. I suppose you might notice some difference when you start up in winter if you are in a cold climate, but maybe not.

I live in Texas so I doubt that cold will be an issue. The VX bled appears to be for disel engines, which is what I have. I am not sure if there are other differences beyond the weight however. I do know at this point that what they put in is not the correct VW spec, it’s VW 502 00 and the manual calls for VW 507 00.

But sounds like I probably will not have issues? Especially if I get it changed to the “correct” oil within the next week or so.

Diesel engine oil has more additives than motor oil for gasoline cars. Here’s a discussion. Page to the bottom. You’re fine for a week or two, but it probably makes sense to change it soon.

doubtful any real damage, but how many miles did your manual say to do oil changes? i have heard that the oil they put in the car at the factory has special additives, and chemicals to help the car in the ‘break in’ process. you have just thrown that particular oil away early. confirm that this car is new, and not just new to you?

This is a new car. The dealer recommends oil changes every 10K miles. The car has just under 2K. Doing some reading I found a common suggestion was to have an oil change after 1000 or 1500 miles, the first 1500 miles not every, regardless of when the factory/dealer says. Which is why I decided to get it done.

[b] I called a Jiffy lube[/b]  Please never stop at any quick lube place.  They are well known for all kinds of problems.  You best bet is a local INDEPENDENT mechanic.  Ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation.  Usually dealers are OK as far as the work done goes, but they often try to sell unneeded services and almost always will change more. 

 [b] This didn't sound like what was listed in the manual.[/b]  Good call.  Reading the manual is something everyone should do, but few do and it often cost them.  VW calls for some different oils from model to model and year to year.  In addition they may recommend different oils for different diesel engines in the same year.  

 In the US most oil specs are in the format SAE 10W40 (or other numbers. This relates to how thick the oil is the first number is when cold and the second when hot.  Then there are the S&C numbers.  They may be S-4 or C- 7  etc.  The S (spark) numbers are for gasoline and the C (compression) for diesel.  

 Newer VW engines may have other numbers like 701.03  This is the number you need to look at for recent year VW's   If they have one of those numbers, you really should use it.  You may end up at the dealer, but you may be able to get it other places.   The 700 number specs supersede the S or C numbers for VW.  

 Don't worry about what has happened, likely no damage done.  

Now a little hint.  Changing oil at 1000 miles is not a good idea.  Many cars come with a special brake in oil.  The original oil should be used as indicated in the owner's manual, but after 1,000 miles you did no damage.   BTW did you know that there have been test indicating that new oil may not protect an engine as well as less new oil, but not old oil.  It takes lab test to see the difference, the difference is very very little in real life. 

Remember use only an oil that has the numbers on the container that prove it meets the VW specifications as listed in your owner’s manual and always avoid any quick oil change place.