Oil change

I have a smog inspection due next month and have been told to make sure to change the oil before inspection is this true? car has been maintained and runs really well any other ideas car is a Toyota corolla with 148000 mi

Whether the inspector is smug or he is insecure, you owe it to yourself to take a few steps in order to help ensure that the car passes its emissions test.

If the car’s odometer mileage is close to the interval when the oil should be changed, then I would advise you to have the oil changed prior to the inspection. The hydrocarbons in dirty oil can sometimes affect the outcome of an emissions test.

If it has been more than 30k miles since the spark plugs were replaced, you should just go ahead and replace them now.

Make sure that the engine is fully warmed-up before driving to the inspection facility. I recommend taking the car out on the highway for at least 30 minutes, just prior to inspection.

Depends where you live. If your state does tailpipe emissions testing and OBD2(computer link under the dash) testing, it couldn’t hurt to change the oil, it may have some marginal effect to the positive if your car is borderline pass/fail.

If you only need to pass the OBD2 testing, no need for an oil change.

no need for oil change. If it doesnt pass drop me a line. I know a trick