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High oil consumption

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla, 140,000 miles. Runs good and smooth, 35 mpg, but consume lots of oil, about 1 quart every 500 miles. I think it may not pass next year’s California smog test when time to renew my registration. Is this something worth fixing (how costly it is)or should I junk it and get a newer car? Thanks.

It’s certainly worth getting diagnosed. Possiblities range from cheap (pcv valve) through costly (valve stem seals) through “forget about it” (rings). Does it smoke at all, particularly when you first start it?

Also, believe it or not, oil burning usually won’t cause you to fail a smog test. Most states will fail you for visible smoke, but most of the sniff tests won’t catch it. (I don’t know about California, though)

Thanks for your response. It does not smoke when I start the car, but the oil becomes very dirty (black-ish) at oil change (every 3 months) even with the frequent refill evry week. I will try the pcv valve and see if it help.