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Oil change

Just bought a used car, 2004 Pon Bon. Want to change oil, how can I find out if the old oil is synthetic or not and does it make a difference when I get an oil change?

It doesn’t matter what was in there. Usta-bees don’t sting you. It doesn’t make a difference. Don’t ask questions when getting an oil change done. You will get a recommendation to add cleaners or additives even without questions. Say that you don’t believe in them. If brand name synthetic oil needed additives, it wouldn’t be very good oil.

You can use whatever the owner’s manual allows.

"Don’t ask questions when getting an oil change done."

Definitely don’t ask “Did you put the new oil in?” or “Did you tighten the new oil filter all the way?”

You Don't Need To Know What Type Oil Was In The Bonneville. You Can Now Decide.

I run Mobil-1 Extended Performance fully synthetic in my Bonneville, but primarily because the weather here gets quite hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. The manufacturer recommends synthetic for my climate conditions unless I want the hassle of not using 5 w 30 year-around and having to switch back and forth in a timely manner.

One question: Is this an (Super-Charged) SLE ?


You can’t do anything about what oil was used. It is too late for that, be it good or bad.

Now you need to use an oil (Any Oil) that meets or exceeds the specifications listed in the owner’s manual for the car.

No need for any additional additives. The oil recommended in the owner’s manual is recommended because that is what your car needs, not something more, less or just different.

There is no one BEST oil. Use what is recommended in the owner’s manual.

"does it make a difference when I get an oil change? "

Doesn’t make a difference.
You can switch back and forth from synth to dino (non-synth) all day long.