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Oil change change

I have been taking my ('98, 200,000 mi.) car to a local garage to have the oil changed for a couple of years. Before that I used a different place for oil changes and maintenance.

I just found out that the local garage has been using non-synthetic oil whereas beforehand, my car had always been on synthetic oil. The reason I found out about the switch was because at the former place they had 6,000 mile intervals and the new place had me on 3,000 mile intervals. I called the other day to ask why the difference and he told me that was the appropriate interval for non-synthetic.

Silently, I nearly blew a gasket - couldn’t believe they hadn’t told/asked me about changing to a different oil. He said I should have requested synthetic. I say they should have done what was always done with the car or asked about changing.

Ami right or am I left?


How can the new garage know what oil the other garage was using for your car???

Does this vehicle REQUIRE synthetic (what does your owners manual say)?? If not then why do you EXPECT them to be using synthetic oil. The second garage did what was expected.

Many of these places assume that you want their bulk, conventional oil, and usually have an upselling program to convince owners to spend more money on more expensive oils. I am somewhat surprised the current shop did not try to do so, so maybe they are a “keeper” in the sense they are not trying upsells.

If you wanted a synthetic or a special brand of oil, you need to specify that up front when the order is being written. A new place has no clue or history as to what had been done to your car, as a matter of course.

There is a maintenance book that goes with the car that has all the past history in it.

I have no idea what to expect! I guess being a woman, not knowing that much about all this stuff, and so forth and so on, they might ask or something.

I guess I have my answer - thank you!

Thank you!

Well, I know now!

You do need to check and determine if your Mercedes requires synthetic. If you can find the actual Mercedes spec, post it here and someone can help you interpret the spec. A little bit of extra research is in order here.

It appears that Mercedes did not require synthetic until 2001 timeframe, I think. However, next oil change I would go back to synthetic if you have had satisfactory experience with the 6K miles with synthetic.

The Owner’s Manual is vague and says to use “recommended engine oils”. I assume it would say synthetic only if that was the case, but then I get into trouble when I assume anything about things with engines!

Thank you very much jayhawkroy … yes I have gone back to synthetic and suggested to the guy they ask people what kind of oil to use when they place the order. I wasn’t trying to criticize but to be helpful for when people like me, who know nearly nothing, walk in.