Oil change

I am in the service who has been stationed overseas the last 3 years. my car has been in storage for those 3 years. and now i am about to take it out of storage and do a cross country road trip to my next duty station. so my question is do i need to change the oil before my trip? I had changed the oil before i put it in storage. Please advice



Have soneone you know try to start the car prior to you returning. If the battery wasn’t disconnected it’s probably dead. Once the engine can be turned over, have them find out if it will start and run normally. If not, then you’re probably going to be faced with 3 year old bad gasoline.

And yes, change the oil.


A lot depends on what if anything was done before storage. Three years is a long time for storage and since there are several possible problems that may show up over the first few days or weeks after you get it back on the road, I would not want to take it on a cross county trip before I had a chance to make sure it was going to be reliable.