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Oil change

Should the car be “off” when you check oil or “running?”


Deb, May I Suggest Using The Car’s Owner’s Manual For Answers To Questions You Have Concerning The Car’s Well-Being. Should Your Manual Be Missing, It Would Behoove You To Obtain An Exact Replacement.

Engine off for checking engine oil.


Oil and P/S Fluid are checked when the engine is off. Auto Trans fluid is the only one checked when the engine is running - - and at normal operating temperature.

I’m Curious . . .

The question title says, "oil change."
The question asks about oil checking.

Is there a connection or a question about oil changing, too ?


Many or most modern day cars instruct you to have the car off when checking auto transmission fluid level.

With all the “fluid changing, checking, what type” and loads of other owners manual type questions, I have come to the realization that nothing in this world will ever get 99% of the motoring public to even look in that little (OK sometimes not so little) book that came in the glove box of that miracle of modern technology they are driving. The OWNERS MANUAL is your friend, embrace it’s goodness and wealth of knowledge. READ IT !

Is that true? Its a new one on me. Of course, my “newest” car is from the 2000 model year.

You have to. There is no dipstick, and the fill hole is on the side of the transmission the hot exhaust pipe runs down. At least on the one’s I’ve seen recently.

I thought you just couldn’t check the fluid on those non-dipstick units. Its the old pull & fill to the level of the plug idea?