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Oil change

I changed the oil in my jeep- all seemed to drain. checked oil after about 4 quarts- stick read over full by about an inch- took some out- still over by 1"- drained all oil- stick still reads over full by 1"

I know this might seem obvious, but…are you removing the dipstick, cleaning it off, then reinserting it and checking the level then?

Yes (multiple times- i can’t believe it either! I just measured what i initially drained- only 2 quarts- left plug out for 15 minutes- not even dripping. Are there 2 plugs for a 2001 jeep cherokee sport?

You coud be draining the transfer case or the transmission. Even lube places have been known to do this.

I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Thank you

Thank you so much! That is exactly what I did. On the road again.