Oil change

How does a person know what weight oil the shop puts in at a oil change?

Just ask them, or look at the containers they use. However, in general most quick-change oil shops toss in 5W-30 these days.

If you want to get scientific you can take a sample of the oil and send it to a lab for analysis for probabaly around $25, but I can’t see the reason to have to go this far haha.

It should be on the work order. Aside from that it’s a matter of trusting the mechanic who does the work. Do you have some reason to suspect your engine isn’t getting the correct weight oil?

I would guess that depends on the reason you are asking. They should put in what you ask for or what the manufacturer recommends, but certainly some do not. They also should list it on the receipt.

Maybe if you told us the story behind the question we might be able to provide more help.

BTW is this a quick oil change place?

This happened many years…and one reason why I’ll NEVER use the quick change oil shops…

I met my brother at one of those quick change oil shops. He asked for 5w-30. The guy in front of him asked for 10w-40.

The service tech did both vehicles. For the guy who requested 10w-40 he got the oil from this large barrel near the front. For my brother who requested 5w-30…he got the oil from the same barrel. When I asked the manager about this he couldn’t explain it.

Unless you watch them pour the oil out of a brand new bottle you have no idea what is actually being put in there. It comes down to trust. MOST places will do the right thing (I hope).

Here at the Ford dealer we put in EXACTLY what the particular vehicle requires, all choices are available.