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Weight of oil in Taurus

I recently got a 2001 Taurus and put 10-30 oil in it. I see on the filler cap I should have used 5-20. In the past I won’t have thought much about using a different weight but my neighbor said it might make a differenc because cars are built differetly now. Am I okay to drive and then put 5-20 in next time or can I ruin something by leaving the 10-30 in.


Cars are made different now, but leave the oil in until the next change. If you have to add oil you can top it off with 5W if needed. 10W-30 won’t hurt anything for one oil change interval of 3 to 5K miles.

Not a problem but use the proper oil the next time. The difference in 5W-20 and 10W-30 is not that different in moderate temperatures. It can be though if you live where it’s extremely hot or cold.