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Oil change results in need for new engine

I am having to replace my 94 isuzu rodeo engine because after my oil was changed by a shop, the oil pan plug came out on the freeway and the engine seized up. They only want to pay for the engine and not any of the other parts the shop is reccomending be replace when the new engine is put in.

You are going to have to post by name what parts you are talking about and why they need replacing. I conclude a shop other than the shop responsible for the damage is doing the engine replacement, am I correct?

Yes, a repair shop is saying I should put in a hydraulic tensioner, timing belt, water pump, and some other things he didn’t specifically list. It adds up to about $800. I just wonder if he is trying to make more money or give me some good advice.

These are the parts for a timing belt job. This man is saying that you should change these parts on the replacement engine you are getting installed. This probably is very good advice. The sticking point is who should pay. I ask when was the last timing belt done on your 1994 vehicle?

Ask him for a specific list. That is a timing belt job if the engine is still in the vehicle.

The logic is basically that it is smart to do certain kinds of things while the engine is out. You should, for example, get a new rear main seal. The freeze plugs should be carefully inspected. Those motor mounts are pretty old & should be given a good look.

The idea is that you would do these things with the engine out because if you have to do them after it goes in its way more labor - so way more cost. It sounds to me like they just want to charge you a full timing belt job - when they shouldn’t.

So anyway, what they recommend is perfectly reasonable. However, it seems like they want to charge you in such a way as to make at least some of their money back. You would want to ask them to list out every last penny - including the labor. I think they’re wanting to charge full labor on things that they shouldn’t.