Oil change on Honda Odyssey

I recently had my wife’s Odyssey in for a 150,000 mile maintenance, and instructed them to use full synthetic (which I’ve used always on this vehicle). I realized today that they used regular oil (at least that’s what it says on the receipt, and what they charged me for). I want this van to keep going and going and going. I’m considering going back to the dealer and have them re-do the oil change with full synthetic (since they were told twice … by my wife when she made the appointment, and by me when I dropped the van off at the dealer). How big a deal is it to have one 5,000 mile cycle with regular oil?

Not a big deal at all.
If you want to do the next oil change a bit sooner than 5k, that might be a good compromise.

As long as they used a quality oil (and filter) even though it is non synthetic you should be OK. Don’t go longer than 5,000 miles and get it changed again. If you have been changing oil and filter very 5,000 miles you are treating your engine very well.

It won’t hurt a thing. Synthetic and conventional oil are interchangeable. Wait until the next oil change and use the oil you prefer.

Agreed with the others, and keep this in mind. Using synthetic oil only will not extend the life of the engine any further than the use of regular dino oil.

Not a big deal, but if the van stumbles at 160K miles will you blame it on the conventional oil? If you think full synthetic is the magic bullet to long life your van, then get the oil changed to full synthetic.

Have you been changing the trans fluid every 30K miles? The trans failing on you is much more likely than a motor wearing out. You are doing well to get 150K out the trans already.

Its about as meaningful as accidentally cleaning the windshield with something that says “glass cleaner” instead of something that says “Windex.” If you’re changing every 5K save your money and just use the conventional oil all the time.

Transmission didn’t make it … full rebuild at 129,000 miles.

I use regular ol’ dino oil in my Odyssey (usually Castrol or Vavoline, as one of them is often on sale in a 5qt. jug at Wal-Mart). I change it every 4,000 miles and my engine is still like new at 120,000 miles. Why are you losing sleep over this? Unless you are running flat-out in a 24 hour endurance race, conventional oil is far more than adequate for this vehicle.

Your van was designed to use regular dino oil; synthetic will make it last longer only if you drive in a very hot or very cold environment, have many cold starts or tow a trailer. Synthetic was designed for EXTREME environments. If none of these apply to your driving, just change oil and filter every 5000 miles and the van will lead a long and happy life.

Also make sure you change the engine coolant every 50,000 miles at least and the trasmission fluid every 30,000 miles. The latter you already learned the hard way!

If you were driving one of the sludge prone Toyota Siennas, I would change it. Since you don’t, I would leave the regular oil in there and not worry about it. They did you a favor by saving you some money.

Maybe they used synthetic oil and forgot to charge you for it.