Honda Odyssey 2007. Change a motor oil

Honda Odyssey 2007 , can I use a full synthetic oil 10-30 or isn’t recommend for this minivan ?
Honda recommends a synthetic oil 5 -20

Yes, you can use full-synthetic oil, but as to the viscosity, I can’t say. Your Owner’s Manual will specify the viscosity that should be used. In any event, you shouldn’t be extending your oil change intervals beyond those specified in the mfr’s maintenance schedule.

Why are you contemplating switching to full-synthetic oil for a 13 year old vehicle?

I own an 05 Odyssey and our owners manual says only use 5W-20. Please note the text in your quote that I made bold. If the manufacturer recommends a synthetic 5W-20 then use a 5W-20. I wouldn’t switch to a 10W-30.


Yep, use exactly what’s recommended. Why would you do otherwise?

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Another vote for going with what the manual says.

I’m not sure about a 2007 model…but I know some Odysseys have a cylinder deactivation feature. Which may be sensitive to the viscosity of the engine oil. Meaning you want to use the right stuff specified in the manual.

I know some oils are only available in synthetic, such as 5w-20 or 0W-20. Don’t cheap out and risk your engine by running the wrong stuff.

I’ve only seen 0W-20 in synthetic, but 5W-20 is available as a non-synthetic and blends

And, it should also be noted that the OP added that information after I posted my first response.

Don’t ya love it when they do that???

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I would stick with the recommended oil. It’s a VTEC engine, and they work best using the oil specified by the factory. From me, it’s second hand information, but more than one pro mechanic herE has said that variable valve timing runs best on the specified engine oil.