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Oil Change-now need new motor - checking for cause

This is a follow up from a discussion question I posted over a week ago. I am wanting to know if there is anything Auto Express could have done besides not put oil in my car or put a faulty oil filter in that could have led to the oil not circulating i.e. no oil pressure that the dealer can check for without doing major exploratory expensive searching. I want to determine if they are at fault or not so I can pursue it or let it go. Right now the dealer isn’t too keen to help me try to determine the cause but I thought if I had some specifics to ask them to check they might be more willing. Can anyone advise me on this? I am grateful to all of you who responded last time. (2002 Jetta TDI)


You can identify by just looking at it and note the brand name and number on it. You can then go to an oil filter catalogue and see if that one is recommended for your engine.
To see if oil is actually circulating can be somewhat difficult, but not impossible.
Does the engine crank? Does it run?