Oil Change Interval

1998 Chevy Tahoe. I don’t drive it much, only a few thousand miles a year. A lot of short-trip driving but I take it out on the road once or twice a month to clean the oil and blow it out. I have been doing twice a year oil changes, spring and fall. I like to use 0w30 (Mobil, synthetic) in the winter for fast starts and getting the oil circulating. I am wondering whether I could cut this to once a year without damage, and whether those in the know think that it would be OK to use 0w30 in the hot summer (we get up to 100 degrees here sometimes).

I change once a year on my seldom used car and think I could even go longer. I don’t think you should be using “0” in a vehicle of that vintage though. I suspect they called for 10-30 or 5-20 at the least. Syn is fine but double check the weight.

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The car calls for 5w30. The mobil bottle says that 0w30 meets the specs on cars that call for 5w30.

I have an old Dodge 1-ton, 318, used as a water truck down in Mexico…Gets maybe 400 miles a year put on it. (Very hard miles)…I change it’s oil every 2 or 3 years, 15W-40 fleet oil…

Go by what the car manufacturer calls for, not what the oil manufacturer says.
The oil refiner doesn’t know your specific car. The car manufacturer does.

@melott is correct about the truck requiring 5w30

In my opinion, 0w30 is a little too thin for this application

I would use 5w30 and change it according to the severe service schedule

I would suggest using exactly what the manufacturer says while the vehicle is under warranty. After that you can use anything you want whether right or wrong.