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Cheap oil change

I have a 2010 Camry 4cyl. It must use 0w-20 oil which is syn oil only. Can I use 5w-20 oil instead? 5w-20 is also available in a Dino version (cheaper too). Actually I want to cheap out and use it. Heck, car is driven when oil is hot and both oils behave the same when hot? Right?

Wen the warranty expires, consider the change. IMO, many manufacturers switched to less viscous lubricants to increase gas mileage. You will probably be OK switching, especially if you live in a warmer area of he country. If you live in Frostbite Falls, you might reconsider.

"It must use 0w-20 oil which is syn oil only."
This statement says it all. I have a 2011 Toyota Sienna that requires 0W-20. The oil change interval in the manual is 10,000 miles. I talked to the service manager (not a service writer). He says that oils and engines have improved from my early days of driving when we changed oil every 2000 miles. The 0W-20 flows better when the engine is cold than a higher viscosity such as 5W-20. This is when much of the engine wear occurs. Don’t “cheap out” on the oil. If you need to cheap out, buy a cheaper pair of fuzzy dice to hang from the rear view mirror.

do you do the 10k interval? engine wear? haha. the car will be sold in a few years. now, if the motor blows and i have no proof of proper oil changes than the warranty might be voided.

I think I saw in another post that you do live near Frostbite Falls. I suggest sticking with the 0W-20, but there are several folks on the panel from your neck of the woods, and even farther north. Maybe they will chime in.

Just bought a new Mazda and it calls for 0W20 synthetic. It also says that if 0W20 is not available, 5W20 is OK and in Mexico and Puerto Rico you can use 5W30, since 0W20 and5w20 are virtually unknown there. Irlandes may agree with that.

So this is a bilingual owner’s manual for a Japanese made car sold in North America. Mexico does not have CAFE standards.

I talked with an engineer at Honda about this because all Hondas also specify 0w-20 oil. He said it was strictly a MPG thing (cafe) and that it allowed the motor to warm up a smidge faster. With that sai my wides van specs 5w20 and I can’t find it in anything less then a semi synthetic. I pay over $20 for a 5qt jug at the autoparts store.

I live in mpls, MN. Yes it’s cold here in winter. The fact that 0-20 is syn oil only may skew the discussion. 5-20 is available in syn versions and Dino versions. Do they both flow the same when cold? Now compare 0-20 syn oil vs 5-20 syn oil? I think the 0-20 syn oil has slightly better cold pour point specs. Ahh, too complicated. Just use 0-20.

I’m surprised that no one has said this yet, so I will. The cheapest oil change could turn out to be the most expensive.

The maintenance schedule indicates that the oil should be changed every 10,000 miles/12 months with synthetic oil or 5,000 miles/6 months with conventional oil. It should be less expensive to use synthetic oil unless you are changing the oil yourself and can get a good deal on oil and filters.

Here we go again. Our Acura takes 0-20 and a 5 quart jug is about $29. Not caring what anyone else says but I change at 5000 with syn. So an extra $150 in 50,000 miles? Would I want to buy a used car that had oil changed at 10,000? Nope.

I have a 2010 Camry 4cyl. It must use 0w-20 oil which is syn oil only.

I believe you’ve answered your own question.

It’s not a good idea to second guess the vehicle manufacturer. Why take a chance? If you really need to save money, sell the Camry and buy a car that doesn’t require synthetic oil.

It’s a long term investment. When you spend a little more on the manufacturers required maintenance, the odds are that will you extend the life of your vehicle.

It is your car so you can put any kind of oil in it upi want to. Of coutse you will void the warrabty and probably decrease your warranty. But why not gamble, a new engine from he Toyotya dealer is only $11,000.

You definitely make the change. However synth>dino you need to adjust your interval to likely 5k instead of the likely near 10k they prescribe. If the hassle is worth it to you…

The 2010 Camry owners manual, for the 4-cyl recommends 0W-20, saying it’s the best choice for fuel economy and good starting in cold weather. It also states if 0W-20 is not available, then 5W-20 may be used but must be replaced with 0W-20 at the next oil change.

If they are really trying to say you have to use 0W-20, it’s sounds confusing to then state it’s acceptable to leave the 5W-20 in there until the next oil change. If you use 5W-20 every other oil change, then you’re following the owner’s manual to the letter of the law.

I believe that same engine for the previous year, 2009, strongly recommended 0W-20 but said 5W-20 was acceptable. I do not know if there is a technical reason or marketing reason for why the wording changed to nearly exclusively 0W-20.

I do not think the manual says anything about syn oil? It says use 0-20 which is syn oil. U can use 5-20 which is available in both Dino/syn versions. I think the manual also says change out the 5-20 ASAP. Not at your next oil change. Does any car maker ok 10k oil changes on cars that come with Dino oil? I have no experience with domestic new cars and what oil they are built with.

I think the manual also says change out the 5-20 ASAP. Not at your next oil change.

Page 485 in the 2010 Camry Owner’s Manual on Toyota’s website ( says you can wait till your next oil change.

It must use 0w-20 oil which is syn oil only. Can I use 5w-20 oil instead?

 Could you read your response again?  It seems to me you are asking if it is OK if you don't use the right oil.  There is a reason they tell you what to use and it usually means the recommended oil will work better than the any other weight oil.

Geez, why cheap out on this? Buy cheaper toilet paper or something if you want to save money. You’re going to save what, maybe $40/year, if that? You’ve paid a lot of money for your car and you want to go cheap on the main thing that will keep it running for a long time. It’s like buying filet Mignon and putting ketchup on it because you can’t afford A1.

Docnick, actually it is not easy to find even 5W30 here in Mexico. One car place the idiot told me 5W30 was bad, it would not protect the motor. Most folks use 20W50. You read that right.