Oil change interval for a 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 I'm not driving much

How long can I go without oil change if I am not putting miles on the vehicle?

How much per year are you driving and how long is the average trip?

My late mother in law drove only 3000 miles a year and changed oil spring and fall. Her driving was mostly short rips around town. Her mechanic went over the car each time to make sure everything was in order.

My wife drives about 4000 miles per year but her trips are long enough (over 10 miles) to really warm up the car, so she changes oil every 5000 miles as per the owner’s manual The important thing here it to prevent sludge formation caused by raw gasoline and condensation in the crankcase. Drives of 10 miles or more will prevent such sludge formation…

So, Yes you still have to change oil, but don’t let a dealer use the “4 months” bit on you.

We normally recommend here that once a year is sufficient for very low mileage drivers. Taking the car out for a good highway drive every month or so will keep the engine e clean inside.


Doesn’t your truck have an oil life monitor that tells you the remaining oil life by percentage? Follow that or do it once a year.

However it’s important to poke around under the hood and check fluids, tires, etc. much more often than when the oil gets changed.


You can go as long as your owner’s manual says to go.