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Oil change

I have a 1991 toyota celica averaging 1,600 miles a year. How often should I change the engine oil?? all city driving and the car is garaged

I’d change it once a year.

That’s not very much, but 1600 city miles can put more stress on a car than 5000 highway miles. I’m guessing that you make many short trips and the engine may not reach its optimum operating temperature, perhaps for weeks at a time. Such usage allows sludge and combustion products to build up in the crankcase.

I recommend an oil change every six months, typically in the spring and the fall.

1,600 Miles Per Year Is Really Low. I Take It That It Involves Quite A Few Short Trips. That Is Tough On The Engine And The Oil. I'd Be Inclined To Follow The Severe Driving Schedule In The Owner's Manual.

Change it at least every six months, even more frequently wouldn't hurt. Also, make sure the car gets out on the open road once a week and gets good and warmed up. That should help the engine and the oil. Mostly short trips can contribute to sludge formation in the engine.


I agree with Steve and CSA, specifically for the reasons Steve described.

Another thing you should do if your state doesn’t require inspections is have a reputable independent shop give it an annual inspection on the rack. Your tires, while they won’t wear the tread out, may become weak with age. A good shop will be able to assess the actual age as well as look for signs of deterioration. Your systems also contain other elastomers and seals that may dry out with age, including CV boots, caliper seals, air conditioning system seals, and bushings. Some of these seals rely on being used to stay lubricated.

Critters can also build nests in induction systems, air cleaner housings, and such. A shop can assist you in putting “wire cloth” over those openings such that critters cannot get in to nest.

You may want to get the best battery you can afford also when “new battery time” eventually arrives. It sounds like you may not be putting enough mileage on.

I’d change it once a year.