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Oil change honda civic 2003

I have a 2003 honda civic i always use penzoil ,my question if i used mobile oil or another kind of oil same weight would that be ok???also is a hinda oil filter alot better then aftermarket oil filters or should i alway use a hinda oil filter


Funny you should ask, as there’s a lot of debate going on about that very thing right now, actually. Check the “oil filters by manufacturer” link just down on the left.

IMHO Not much difference in any of them, really. If you stick with the service schedules, don’t let things go, and use virtually any reputable component, you should be OK.

You can use any oil meeting the specifications listed in your manual.

thank you

thank you

What’s a hinda? A Chinese ripoff of a Honda?

geeze vin sorry its a honda thanks fer the spelling lesson opps for

The important about oil is actually changing it on a timely basis for your driving and not overextended. If you can do well there the engine will last into 200k-300k range at least. Oil brand, filter is irrelevant. Check/top your oil level every 3-5 fuel fillups.

Agreed, however, I don’t think anyone actually said they’re all the same…

Almost universally, however, most DID say they’ll all perform the function they’re intended for.

Thanks for the advertisement, though!

thank you

thank you