Oil change frequency

I drive about 3000 miles per year. Should I stick to an oil change schedule of once every 5000 miles?

I Would Change It Every 6 Months, …
… which in your case would be every 1500 miles. Not driving very far or very often is tough on your car and its oil. I would make sure the car is driven long enough to get it up to full operating temperature (15-30 minutes), frequently (once a week).

Please introduce your car. What make, model, year, and mileage are we talking about?


The car is a 2002 Acura TL. Currently with about 73k on it. I got it a little over 3 years ago when there were 62k on it.

On the same note, how often should I do the other maintenance, such as transmission oil change, or tire change, etc…?

I tend to agree. If those 3,000 miles are all longer trips then you might do once a year, but I suspect you have a lot of short trips and the more frequent oil changes are preferred.

Take a good look at your owner’s manual. I suspect it says X miles or X months which ever comes first.