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Oil cap constantly vibrates loose on 96 Saturn

I’ve tried replacing it, and while it fits in there nice and snug, within 10-20 minutes it vibrates itself loose again and I have smoke coming out from the hood from the oil spilling out onto the engine. Did something in/on the threads break? Is there some easily-removable caulk I can fasten the oil cap in with? (so that when I need to fill it with oil I can still get to it, natch)

Where does it connect to?? What I mean…is it a filler tube? Or just a hole cut into a valve cover?

What might be happening is the area that holds the cap in place might have a crack/fracture. While it may seem tight…it in actually may not be.

I can’t think of anything else without actually seeing it.

Maybe you need a new cap. The part humber is 710.

I know. It’s an old joke for most.

Its a threaded in cap, best bet is to just replace it. The valve cover is aluminum and not likely to crack.