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Saturn 2007

I just got my Saturn an oil change. When I went out the next day, I noticed oil on the
ground on the passenger side. I checked the oil and it showed it to be fine.
I took it back in thinking the oil filter needed some adjustment.

Well—I am in a bit of confusion now. They said I need a new oil stick cause this one
isn’t (ok–I am no mechanic and have no idea that oil sticks needed to do anything other
than let you know if your car was oiled) laying right against something or the other.
I think maybe something stuck down in there that will cost $350 to remove???
I told them straight out I do not have that kind of money.
They said they put the stick back in a way I won’t lose more oil and not to check
the oil.
Is this (as Tom used to say) BOOOOOGUS or does someone actually understand
this and tell me its true?

My car’s oil stick is a simple little stick and nothing can break off of it.

I am getting a headache.


BUT… it can insert into a funny little tube that is pressed into the engine block and that can become un-seated and leak. But it doesn’t cost $350.

Just what kind of shop is telling you this? If you say Jiffy Lube, I’m going to tell you to ignore them and take it somewhere else and have it checked by an actual mechanic, not a lube jockey.

Check you oil EVERY day until you resolve this. If the red oil light comes on the dash ANY time the engine is running shut it down immediately.


There is definitely something wrong. Number 1 never listen to someone who says don’t check your oil, especially when a puddle is found. If you can be 100% certain your oil is at the full range, take it to a reputable mechanic and get it diagnosed. If you have no way to know what the level is, have it towed.

Here is what I think happened based on the information provided. The dipstick fits into the dipstick tube. That tube came loose from the block/pan and this is why oil leaked out. Normally, that tube has a bracket holding it in place. Yours may have rusted out and now the tube can come out when you pull on the dipstick. They have stuck the tube back into its position but warned you not to remove the dipstick or it is likely to dislodge the tube again. It needs to be fixed. How that becomes a $350 job is perplexing as they were able to reseat the tube without major effort so installing a replacement should be just about as easy. I’ve pulled a number of dipstick tubes and have yet to need great effort to do so. You should refrain from checking your oil until you have someone else look into the problem but don’t wait too long…


Thank you so much for that explanation. He said the $350 would be for however
many hrs (2? 3?) of labor.
I will call my regular mechanic and have him look at it.


It might also be oil on the structure or suspension underneath the car. Some engines, maybe yours, has the oil filter close to or over the suspension or structure. When the filter is replaced, some oil inevitably ends up on those things. If it isn’t wiped off, it will drip off.

I want to thank everyone for replying. I took the car to my mechanic, it did need a new
oil tube and stick. He only charged me $120 total.

I am glad I heard Tom’s BOOO_GUS! with the first guy :))


That was good! Way to go! :+1:
Thanks for letting everybody know the outcome.
:palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

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