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OHC oiling

my 02 vue is V6 OHC. i noticed 1 bolt that looked like cyl head bolt but it turns out it is an oiling port for top of head. both front/rear heads have it. but only rear head bolt sprays oil when u crank motor. do most OHC cars just pressurize the oil to the cam journals alone? and not send another stream to top of cyl head?

red arrow shows 1 bolt. about 2" below that bolt is another bolt. both cam banks are separated by valve cover partitions.

So, it appears this “spray” is for misting oil into the cam area for cam-bucket lubrication? If so, I’d think both banks would have this feature. Can you remove this bolt to see if it’s designed as a spray nozzle?

I would say “yes.” (Assume you mean, “…and not mist oil separately into the cam area.”)