Oh ho coolant change debris

I recently changed the coolant in my wifes Ford Expedition. The coolant bottle had a metal seal on them. when I poured the new coolant into the dagas bottle to refill the radiator a small piece of the seal (half the size of a dime) went down into the radiator before I could catch it. Will this come back to haunt me? My wife has driven the vehicle for about a week now with no problems.

Yeah, I hate those stupid metal seals.

If the piece were going to plug an orafice, like perhaps in the pump, you’d probably know by now.

I’d probably pull the lower hose on the degas bottle at the engine input end and see if it drains out or if I can somehow see it. The next thing in its path is the coolant pump, but if I couldn’t find it outside the engine I’d probably just ignore it.

Nothing to worry about. That little piece of the seal will sit on top of the radiator core for the rest of the vehicles life without causing problems.


No don’t worry about it

Actually, Tester, the degas bottle feeds into the engine. See the attached schematic.


That’s impressive! But it’s not worth tearing the cooling system apart for a tiny piece of aluminum cellophane that fell into the bottle.


LEAVE IT BE…worry about other important things…