Oh Fer Math Puzzler

Only one answer, brother with more treble in his channel than the other brother?

5^2 + 4mod3 =26

Can you expand on your equation,you will get more response. What does the “mod” in 4mod3 represent? I guess mod3 means base 3?

(5 + 6 + SQRT(4)) x 2 = 26

mod means modulo. It means the remainder after the first number is divided by the second. 4mod3 is the remainder after dividing 4 by 3, e.g 1.

Sorry, but the answer is 42.

It’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

I get 43,at least my TI 83 gets 43.

Yes, but what is the question?

How do you get an answer of 42 or 43.
(5^2)+(4 mod 3) … 5 to the power of 2 is 25 and 4mod3 is 1 … add them together for an answer of 26.
You could insert brackets to change the order so that the equation reads
5^(2+(4 mod 3)) … then the answer is 125.

Are you sure that this is the answer to everything. I thought the answer was an engine that got 200 MPG and developed 600 HP.

I calculated (5+6+2)(2) and got 26 this time. The first time I did 4^2 instead of sqrt4. I don’t know how to work the “mod” problems. At what level is this “mod” concept put forth? I just finished Algebra 151 (next is pre-calcus) last semester and have not yet been introduced to the process. And yes what is the question? Really I have never heard of the “mod” concept,probably should have in 3rd grade.

I LOVE it when Ray says, “There’s only one answer.” And I found another ten:

23+5- the square root of 4 (Keyboard here doesn’t do everything I wish it did.)
52 divided by (square root of 4)base 3
5x3!-([square root of 4]+2)
23 base 5 x square root of 4
4!+(2 base 35)
4!+(2 base 53)
4x3!+(2 base 5)
4x(3 base five !)+2
(4 base 5)x3!+2

Any more?

(25+4-3)/1 = 26 probably

and therefore, probably

(25+4-3)*1 = 26 and
(25+4-3)^1 = 26 as well