Oh Dear! I've Hit A Deer! What Shall I Do?

I’m a knuckle dragging cave dweller when it comes to cell phones, computers, etcetera, a true analog man living in a digital world. I’m just not that interested, but I do text message back and forth with my 30 year-old son and 23 year-old daughter. Mind you, I have never been on Face-Book (not interested in pictures of people’s cute children, grand-children, cuter pets, gossip, etcetera). Car Talk Community is my only social media. However, my kids, because of their ages use social media to find out what’s happening around them, do all their shopping, banking, and everything.

Yesterday, my son indicated to me that he feared for the future of society when he read this conversation in a very local social media network in his neighborhood. This conversation was started by a female teacher, car owner. He forwarded me the actual screen-shots that I have written here. I have withheld names and other identifying information. Enjoy!

-(Car Owner’s selfie photo & first, middle, last name written here)

ISO honest mechanic

-(local town named here)

Hit a deer.
Need repairs.
Got a quote.
Had a heart attack.
Looking for second opinion.

Fender, front bumper, and fog lights replaced.

2012 Kia Sorrento LX (spelled as shown!)

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

-(2 photos of damaged vehicle posted here)

View various comments…

-(selfie, name of another person here)

No collision on a 2012?

-(selfie, name of another person here)

This is your insurance agent. This will be a comp claim with a $100 deductible.
Give me a call when you can.

-(Car Owner’s selfie photo & first, middle, last name written here)

Thanks (agent’s first name here)! Obvs should have called you earlier!

What do you think? Is there anything to worry about regarding our societal evolution as it pertains to cars, car insurance, and car repairs, and our education system?

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Yes, we should worry!

Some of the latest posts from the Ask Someone Who Owns One shows that very clearly.

Asking some faceless bloke on the interwebs how to work the cruise control or when to change the oil or IF you should change the timing belt instead of reading the manual…


It should be an embarrassing situation when nearly everybody knows the answer to your question except you, eh? Not to mention your own insurance agent popping on to ask you to call because you have already been paying for a solution to your problem!
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Hopefully she is a third grade teacher and not high school but, hey, at least she didn’t spell it “DEAR”.

Or in this case reading their insurance policy.

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Clueless people have always existed and always will. Using Facebook just shows a billion of your closest friends.

The horse is out of the barn on this. Rock and Roll was a pretty well hated and evil demon at first, times change, people change.

They all became influenced by Rock and Roll and became evil demons???
Sorry. Couldn’t resist. :smile:

So you have fallen into evil temptation of liking rock and roll while listening to your am radio in the car? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_ClO0uPDxE

Anybody watch that little weasel give testimony today? Just when I thought maybe I’d join FB for kicks. Clearly the 1% insulated from the fruits of their decisions for the 99%.

I have never trusted the internet as far as privacy goes, sure everybody hits accept terms and conditions, My favorite was reading windows agreement “we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary.”

Yeah I’m not big on regulation but these folks are just sitting ducks for it. An email should be as private as a phone call for cripes sake. Here’s one though. I was having trouble with my TV antenna reception and needed a new signal booster. So I searched on Google etc., but ended up going downtown. At any rate next day my wife had a Radio Shack pop up on her FB for a signal amplifier. Huh? She doesn’t even know what an amplifier or an antenna is and I’m not on facebook, and we have never exchanged electronic communications on it. We did talk about it though. So somehow either they are listening to us or they tied my internet connection with her FB. Wow, and these people think they know what’s best for the country? Just like Stalin knew.

Now to bring it back to cars, black box in the cars, how many of you have turned off gps location on your phone, did you know that your data if gps is on helps define traffic maps, I let mine go on for something or other then I see a facebook post that I was at whatever restaurant, so yes like the former FBI director I have black tape over my laptop camera, and wifey keeps getting popups from facebook to allow facial recognition. Yikes does that include the new retinal scan too?

Like CSA I don’t have a cell phone, Facebook or GPS or even a laptop. I did have a cell phone for a while because I was on call 34/7 and was not allowed to miss a work call but I gave it away the day I retired from trucking in 1995. It was large and heavy enough to use as a weapon. I don’t want a phone interrupting a dinner out or a nice walk by the river.

In the year 2000 my wife dog and I made an 8600 mile trip across the country going across the Northern part of the country and returning across the middle, All our children told us we needed a cell phone for the trip. We were somewhere East of Tonapah Nevada (the only place to get gas for 200 miles.) when we came across a car that had a breakdown. We had only seen three cars since leaving Yosemite NP so I stopped to see if I could help but told them I had no cell phone. They said that’s ok, we have one but they don’t work out here!

I remember our first cell phone at work. It was one of those things like in a tool bag. We just had it for an emergency like if a tornado came through of something and all the lines were down. I had to take it out once a month a few blocks away and call in to make sure it still worked. Couldn’t hang that on your belt-more like a carry on bag.

It appears someone was trying the get their vehicle repaired without filing an insurance claim and caught via social media . Unknown is that persons driving history, claim history and the amount of their insurance premiums. It is easy to assume people are stupid and don’t know why they pay for insurance.

That thought crossed my mind for a moment. What if the driver was intoxicated at the time of the incident, vacated the scene and there’s no police report? What if that’s not really deer-hit damage? Are there any deer hairs imbedded or is it flannel?
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