OEM vs Aftermarket Parts for Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

I m going to replace the Ignition Control Module on my 1996 Olds 98 Regency. The car, after running and driving a while, will not start again until it cools off. The dealer let it slip that the ICM can cause this. My question is this: should I spend the $250 for AC DLECO or for this part, can I spend literally half that on an aftermarket ICM and get just as good of a product? I had a Honda that would only run right the i used OEM parts on it and I grew very tired of having to shell out that kind of money. Thank you

I would not buy the cheapest part. You could save a few bucks buying the Delphi version (121.89) as opposed to the OEM ACDelco (158.79) at rockauto.

thank you so much. I couldn’t find the OEM part under $240. The Delphi you suggested is perfect, I hope. LOL