Odyssey suspension

03 odyssey. Does the rear have a leaf spring setup? Found one for sale. Got hit in rear wheel. Quarter panel is scraped but not bad. New rebuilt trans. Seller wants $800 or so. Needs a new rim and leaf spring. Has spare on now and drives ok.

The rear suspension consists of upper/lower control arms with a coil spring between them.


Hmm, bent knuckle, control arm? Wonder if seller will let me remove wheel to inspect?

Okay, after a great deal of wondering why the start of the thread seemed to be missing, I came to the conclusion that you must be asking if you should buy this vehicle. Is that a correct conclusion?

If it is, I strongly suggest that you have a reputable shop give it a good going-over before considering the purchase. It’s 13 years old with known problems. It’s already had the tranny rebuilt and apparently has some sort of chassis problem that the seller is explaining away as “it only needs a new spring and rim” (which I don’t believe for a moment). I guarantee that there are more problems hiding under the skin.