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Odorless Exhaust Leak into Cabin?

2007 Honda Accord, 91k miles…Last week, I became extremely dizzy while driving and had to pull over on the side of the freeway. The symptoms disappeared shortly after exiting the vehicle and getting fresh air. Upon stepping outside, I observed what appeared to be leaking transmission fluid. I brought the car to the Honda dealer which replaced the 4th gear pressure sensor/switch and flushed the transmission. I don’t see any more transmission fluid leaking, but still get a headache and feel dizzy while driving even on short trips. Initially, I assumed that fumes from the leaking transmission fluid was making me feel unwell. However, it’s been several days without any drips and I’m starting to think that the symptoms might be caused by an exhaust leak that began at the same time as the leaky sensor. The engine seems to be running normally, but I definitely don’t feel well after each drive. There don’t seem to be any distinct odors/smoke which leads me to think it might be carbon monoxide. I’m seriously concerned about the safety of driving the car now. What should be my next step? Thanks.

Two things 1. Purchase a Carbon Monoxide detector 2. Take the vehicle to a muffler shop.


Yep, sounds like you have an exhaust leak. A shop should be able to find it. And they can also look for any rust holes letting in fumes.

Drive with your windows up until you can get the exhaust leak repaired.

Windows up? I’d put them all down.

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I suppose If its an exhaust manifold leak, the fumes will enter through the air vents and into the cabin.He needs to keep his windows down.A leak further down the exhaust pipes will quickly dissipate as he drives.My earlier post should have read down lol… didn’t get my coffee this morning

Any competent shop should be able to check out the integrity of the exhaust system in just a few minutes . . . using their evap/smoke machine

I’ve found many an exhaust leak using this method

In South Dakota they used to have a vehicle inspection back in the 60’s. Maybe they still do but they found a number of new cars with pin hole exhaust leaks in them, so age really doesn’t matter. Another thing to consider is a leaky trunk or hatch that can pull in exhaust into the cab. That’s why you don’t drive with the trunk open without a front window open.

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Thanks for the pointers. I’ll definitely be driving with all the windows open for now and bringing the car into the shop later this week.