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Odor from dash Vents on 2000 Chrysler Town and Country LX

When I turn on the fan using the AC or the heat or defroster I get a terrible odor that comes out of the vents. Is there a way to clean out the vents or replace a cabin filter. The van runs great and only has 55000 miles.

What does it smell like?

probably a dead mouse…cabin air filter usually behind glove compartment…

I have an old van that started to get stinky. I pulled the cowl from the bottom of the windshield, turned on the blower, blew copious amounts of Ozium and lysol into the fresh air intake, shut down the blower and closed the fresh air door and let it all sit in there for a while. I won’t say it was good as new, but it was much better.

You can’t just use an “air freshener” of the type that covers odors. You need something - like lysol - that will actually kill stuff.

Try This Link

Without being to graphic feet and unwashed body…I decided to clean up my act

Thanks I’ll try that